Small Group Online PT

We’ve launched Active Goals Inspired!

Be part of a small online group PT programme (maximum 6 people). Work with others, all looking to achieve the same goal. You’ll be completing 4 workouts per week on this 6-week fitness programme aimed at burning fat, increasing lean mass & metabolism and improving general fitness. These workouts will all be bodyweight only so you don’t need any equipment.


– 6 week workout programme.
– Calories and macros calculated for you.
– Access to our app to follow your workouts on screen, view exercise demos and instructions, follow your programme in the calendar, log your nutrition, access the help sheets with hints & tips on various topics, upload progress pictures and add key measurements to track progress.
– Weekly catch-up calls (no more than 6 people).
– Access to the Active Goals Club Facebook motivation group.
– Whatsapp chat for your ‘Inspired’ group, a great place to check-in regularly, ask questions, motivate each other and share pictures, videos, recipes etc.
– 1-to-1 Whatsapp chat with your trainer for any individual questions or to check technique & form.
– Chance to win the ‘Active Goals Inspired’ t-shirt. 

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