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Why Active Goals?

In my first post I thought the best place to start would be at the beginning. Therefore, I have decided to write a bit about why I started Active Goals and what I hope to achieve along the way.

I have had an interest in health and fitness for a long time. I love learning about the way the human body works and, in particular, how it adapts to exercise and physical challenge. I also take as much of an interest in nutrition and how different foods impact the body. This interest started when I was a young teenager and has carried on until the present day. I have also been a fully qualified personal trainer for over 10 years.

Being in health and fitness, I make an effort to keep up with scientific discoveries and new trends. I subscribe to magazines, I research the web and like many, I follow a number of facebook pages. Now I can’t be the only one that reads all of this information and comes to the conclusion that there is no conclusion. That the world wide web is out to confuse anyone trying to get into shape or improve their health.

Goals Weights

Keto, paleo, I.F., the watermelon diet, are eggs even still good for you this week?

Another frustrating trend I see is the promotion of quick fixes and short cuts. Shake packs that promise to get you in shape in only weeks, all for the reasonable price of £500 a month. Surgery to cut out part of your stomach. I just googled weight loss and the first two websites that came up were for lipo and fat freezing. Quick fixes that take advantage of human kinds’ soft spot for cutting corners.

I’m not saying these products don’t work to a certain extent and I know different people that have tried most of them. But at what cost? Well, £500 if you take the shake option. The lady who had part of her stomach removed throws up after most meals. And, those fat cells are just going to come back unless you make lifestyle changes.

So this is why at Active Goals, I am going to keep it simple and base my advice on science. If I show you a workout programme, it’s because it burns calories and / or builds lean muscle. If I show you a recipe, it’s because it has lower calories or some health benefits. My advice is designed to help you fit more activity into your daily lives and improve your wellbeing in a simple way. I’m not going to help you crash diet or lose 10lbs two weeks before your wedding day. I’m here to guide you to make sustainable life changes that will improve your health for the rest of your life. 

I couldn’t imagine a version of myself where I lost interest in staying in shape. On the flip side, I am not a bodybuilder. I do not compete. I enjoy a beer here and there and my pregnant girlfriend has a craving for Mcflurrys at the moment. At least they taste better than pickled eggs I guess! But my point is that I do not take my fitness to the extreme. I watch what I eat, I go to the gym, I try and get 10k steps in a day and do cardio a few times a week. This allows me to wake up in the morning and feel good about myself. Feel in good health. Get the odd body compliment from my girlfriend. People keep telling me I won’t keep this up once the baby is born – but I will!

So for all of you (with a newborn or not) who have made the decision to get fitter, healthier and increase your activity; Active Goals is here to help you achieve those goals and feel good!

Goals on Top of Mountain

Update 28/11/18 – Still going to the gym! and my cardio workout have gotten harder! Because I now do them with my 6 week old strapped to my chest in her baby carrier. 

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