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What is Online Personal Training?

Online Personal Training is where you and I work towards your fitness and health goals together without meeting up face to face. We will use the Active Goals app, phone, video, email & whatsapp to stay in touch and ensure you are making progress each week. I will ensure that you have a well balanced programme, tailored to you, which you feel comfortable performing. We will discuss your nutrition and find ways of making healthy changes in your daily life. We will agree a level of commitment that you can manage and agree some realistic targets. We will track your progress directly in the app where you will be able to update your progress photos, measurements, workouts and nutrition. Our weekly catch-up calls will ensure you are kept motivated and are on track to achieve your goals.

  • Work with me from anywhere in the world with online personal training. Receive a tailored workout programme designed specifically to your target and fitness level
  • Train on your own knowing you have the support and expertise of a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer at your fingertips
  • In-app instructions and demo videos ensure you are performing the exercises correctly

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What's included?

– An initial phone or video consultation
– Your own account on the Active Goals Fitness app to track your progress with pictures and measurements. Plus log your training and nutrition
– Tailored Training programme(s) delivered to you directly in the app
– Weekly catch-up & coaching call to monitor your progress and track your goals
– My 12-week educational series full of hints & tips
– Nutritional & general fitness advice
– Whats app chat for any questions, motivation, catch-ups & check-ins
– Access to my private Facebook motivation group
– Regular support, knowledge and coaching from me as an online personal training client
– Review call at the end of the programme to discuss next steps, new goals and ensure you maintain your progress

3 x £149 monthly

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