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Why do you need a Personal Trainer?

It’s my belief that you will be happier and more productive when you incorporate fitness and good nutrition into your everyday life.

Having a coach ensures that you are having great workouts and making changes in all areas of your life which add up to your overall health and fitness.

Milton keynes personal training

So, why haven’t you achieved your fitness goals yet?

  • Are you struggling to prioritise health and fitness into your daily schedule?
  • Are you eating the wrong foods at the wrong times?
  • Are your sleep patterns irregular and potentially too short?
  • Are you not as active as you should be?
  • Do you lack the knowledge to put together a well-balanced training programme?
  • Are you lacking accountability to achieve your desired results?

What’s next to achieve your health and fitness goals?

I work with you to find a level of change that suits you and that you will be able to stick to. We will look at what activity levels and exercise you need to complete to achieve your desired goals. We’ll put together a weekly programme for you to complete. We’ll look at your nutrition and work out where we can improve this to match your needs. We’ll examine any other obstacles we need to overcome and find ways to work around these. This holistic approach to your health and fitness will substantially increase your success. You’ll be accountable, motivated and challenged to achieve better, faster results. 

My achievements: 

I hold a qualification in coaching as well as fitness and nutrition.

  • Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring.
  • Premier Diploma in Personal Training.
  • Level 3 Fitness Trainer Award including Nutrition for Health & Fitness.
  • Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Fitness Instruction.
  • Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage.
  • First Aid
  • CIMSPA Member

The initial consultation

The first step on your health and fitness journey is the initial consultation. This gives us the opportunity to discuss your current fitness level, what you’re looking to achieve and set goals.

Here are some of the things we’ll discuss at the consultation:

  • About you.
  • Your fitness history.
  • Your current fitness level.
  • Your health and fitness goals.
  • What exercise suits you best / you enjoy.
  • What level of commitment you can give to your goals.
  • Your diet and food timing.
  • Your sleep patterns.
  • Any obstacles that would hinder your results.
  • Put together a plan for achieving these goals.

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Gym based

Services available from Xercise4less gym, Winterhill, Milton Keynes:

Online Personal Training:

If you are based too far from Milton Keynes, or if you feel you don’t require face-to-face coaching then online could be the best route for you. You will receive a training programme with continued motivation, support and accountability.

Get in touch to take the next step in your fitness journey:

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