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Benefits of resistance training

We believe that resistance training is the best form of exercise available. Its benefits are numerous and go far beyond just building some lean mass. This is why we advise all of our clients to include it as part of their balanced training programme and why our primary type of training for ourselves is also resistance training.

Add muscle

The first, and most obvious benefit of resistance training is that it will help you add muscle. Having a higher muscle mass is key to burning more calories, building a better shape and becoming leaner. The additional muscle is like a bigger engine, burning more calories every day. As you increase lean mass and burn off belly fat, you will achieve body recomposition. This is the key to achieving the physique most people strive for.


Resistance training will cause you to gain more strength. The ability to lift heavier objects than before. This is great for making every day life easier. Anything from carrying your shopping, to lifting items onto shelves will feel easier. With a knock on benefit of giving you more confidence to complete tasks and activities.

As well as strengthening muscle tissue, resistance training also makes your tendons and ligaments stronger.

Continuing to take part in resistance training as you age will also slow down the rate at which you lose strength. Everybody loses muscle mass and strength as they get older. Lifting weights can help reduce the rate at which this happens.

Reduced muscle wastage

As mentioned above, as you age you will lose muscle mass. According to the National Library of Medicine this can be between 3-8% per decade after the age of 30. This increases even further after the age of 60. Resistance training reduces the rate at which you lose this.

Increased bone density

Resistance training causes your body to make you bones denser and therefore healthier. This additional density reduces the risk of osteoporosis as you age (brittle bones). Osteoporosis can cause bones to fracture easier during accidents & falls.

This benefit is particularly useful for the elderly and even more so for older females – who are unfortunately genetically more susceptible to osteoporosis.

Better sleep

Regular exercise of any kind will lead to better sleep. Your body needs to be properly stimulated both physically and mentally during each day to be able to shut down properly and go into a deep sleep. Good sleep helps regulate body functions, repair tissue properly and even helps reduce excess body fat.

Confidence & mental health

This benefit is a little subjective. However, we strongly believe that being stronger, feeling & looking good, being proud of your fitness achievements etc. all contribute to increased confidence in everyday life. Confidence leads to more success and success to a happier life.

Exercise is a great stress reliever and produces positive hormones. These “happy” hormones and reduced stress levels contribute to positive mental health. Reduces the risk of depression and improves relationships with friends & family.

Cardiovascular benefit

Although resistance training is an anaerobic rather than aerobic form of exercise, there are multiple studies showing that it still has cardiovascular benefit on the body. This article from Medical News Today explains that both cardiovascular and resistance training can reduce cardiovascular risk factors by 30 – 70%.

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