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How do I receive my workout program?

As soon as you sign up to our online personal training package or any of the workouts, you will receive full access to our mobile fitness app. This is where you will find all the resources & tools required to get great results – including your workout program!

Simply ensure the app is downloaded & log in with the log-in details you created at the sign-up stage. Within the main hub area of the app, you will have an option to click on ‘workouts’. This is where you will be able to see any workouts that have been assigned to you.

If you have just purchased a program from us, you will see the workouts associated with that program straight away. You simply need to go the menu option called ‘Programs’ and select the one you have purchased. There will be an option to ‘start program’. Select this. This will start the clock and populate your calendar with the workouts. You will then see these each day and send you notifications on what you need to complete each day. The day you click on the start option will be the first workout day, so ensure that you don’t do this until the day you are ready to get going.

If you have signed up to a tailored online personal training package, your coach will assign you personalized workouts specifically created for you. These workouts will be created based on the details discussed in your welcome call and will match your current level, time availability and preferences. Make sure that you discuss with your coach any concerns & goals that you may have to ensure you receive the perfect workout for you.

Your coach will get this program together for you over the course of 2-3 days and let you know when it is ready for you to start in the mobile app. You should also receive a notification directly in the app to let you know that you have been assigned a new program. Feel free to go and have a look to get you mentally ready to tackle the training week ahead. The first workout day will have already been set based on your conversation with your coach. Therefore you will start receiving notifications and be able to view the workouts on your app calendar straight away.

Your program (multiple workouts on different days per week) will be shown in the calendar and will prompt you each day with the workout assigned for that day. Click on ‘start workout’ and follow the exercises in the order specified. Ensure you complete a thorough warm up first. Each exercise comes with full written instructions so you can follow these step by step. They also all have a demo video that you can view and follow. These two tools ensure that you perform each exercise correctly and with correct form. Especially useful if they are exercises you are unsure about or have not completed before.

For each exercise you will also be able to track your reps & weights. This history is particularly useful next time you come to complete the same workout as you will be able to view what you have previously done and match or improve on it. This is how you will make progress and get stronger.

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