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Active Goals works with MyProtein as part of their Personal Trainer referral scheme to bring you their wide range of products at a discounted price.

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About MyProtein

MyProtein was founded in 2004 and are now Europe’s number 1 nutrition brand. They operate in over 70 countries, supplying protein powders, high-protein foods, vitamins and other fitness supplements. By producing all their products in-house, they aim to supply a broad selection of products at great value. Their range has grown extensively over the last 15 plus years and now also includes vegan, dairy-free & gluten-free products. You can read more about them on their about page – here.

Two of their protein powders have received a grade A+ ranking from Labdoor.com with their Impact whey protein receiving the number 1 spot for value.

My experience

I have personally used MyProtein products for over 15 years, so teaming up with them as an affiliate was the perfect fit. Their products have always been great quality and delivered quickly. They have a huge range of products, which they keep adding to. I’m often trying new protein bars or cookies due to their convenience. They make a great high-protein snack in between clients at the gym! Their greatest quality as a company, in my opinion, is their value. I don’t like paying extra for flashy marketing campaigns and hype, so receiving great products at fair prices is my kind of purchase.  

My favourite products

Impact whey protein – I use this protein powder straight after my workouts as it is relatively fast releasing. This means it will reach my muscles faster to kick-start the recovery process. As building muscle is one of my main goals, consuming enough protein each day is very important.

Total protein blend – I have started using this protein powder at other times of day if I feel I need to top up my daily intake. It is a bit cheaper than the above Impact whey protein as it is less refined and contains a mix of different protein types. However, it is this slower releasing mix that makes it ideal for occasions other than straight after training, as it will provide a continuous supply of protein to the body for a longer period of time.

Protein cookies – These are a great high-protein snack with 38g per cookie. I like them when I’m out and about or in-between clients because they are so convenient and provide a bit more substance than a shake. They’re healthier than many other quick snacks and provide a decent boost towards my daily protein target.

Lean protein cookies – Another convenient snack to have on the go. Although these ones only have 25g of protein, this is still a good protein boost when a smaller snack is required. Best thing about them though is that they’re less than 200 calories. Great if you’re trying to cut calories or are already close to your daily calorie goal. 

Protein brownies – These are the ones I have when I’m wanting something chocolaty in the evening. They’re a bit higher in calories for their 25g of protein, however still help me reach my daily protein target. Plus they stop me snacking on less healthy options like biscuits or chocolate.

Creatine – I use this periodically to give me an energy & strength boost in the gym. Great for when I feel I’ve reached a plateau and need an extra boost. It works by storing more phosphocreatine in your muscles, which in turn, allows your muscles to produce more ATP (a key energy source in lifting heavy).

Caffeine – These come in tablet form and can provide an additional boost of energy and alertness during training. I am a bit of a coffee fan, so I will sometimes only take half a tablet if I feel I’ve already had enough caffeine from other sources. Caffeine is the primary ingredient in a lot of pre-workouts so taking it on it’s own is a much cheaper option if you want to get the most value for money. If money isn’t an issue then check out the pre-workouts instead, which do have additional ingredients to boost your workout further.

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