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Video one-to-ones & Online Personal Training differences

Many people get confused between video one-to-ones delivered via zoom or other video call or conference type apps and Online Personal Training. Understandable, as they are both types of online fitness support / instruction. However, they are in fact very different.

Video one-to-ones

These are essentially the same as gym PT sessions, however they are delivered over a video call app. Your PT will be with you on the call for the entire session motivating you and giving you verbal instructions throughout. You will either need to carry your phone around the gym with you and position it so that your PT can see you performing the exercises, or perform your workouts at home with your PT on your laptop or TV screen. These will be the same price as a gym session and every session will be charged for.

Online Personal Training

This type of support is a coaching approach. Your personal trainer will have lots of smaller points of contact with you each week, rather than one hour block. This helps keep you accountable and on track. Your trainer is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Following an in-depth welcome call, you will receive a full week worth of workouts that you will have written instructions and video demos for. Our fitness app allows you to log the reps and weights performed in each workout to continue progressing. Your coach will provide you with nutritional feedback using your food log. They will then assign you some nutrition goals to complete each day. You will also receive some daily activity goals to complete to get you burning more calories.

So, which is right for you?

If there is zero chance of you heading to the gym, or completing your home workouts on your own, then the video one-to-ones may be a better option for you. However, if you are looking for a good all round coaching program and want to learn & make changes across your lifestyle, then the Online Personal Training package will likely deliver better results. You still receive the support & coaching and you will still be kept accountable for completing the workouts & daily goals. However actually physically doing the workout and pushing yourself to work hard will be down to you.

Why do we believe Online Personal Training is a better type of support?

Online Personal Training is a more comprehensive product. It allows you to ensure you have the tools and support required to have amazing workouts on your own. It allows you to become more self-sufficient with your health & fitness. As you get coached and educated, you will become a lot more knowledgeable about the changes we are making and why. Online personal training is much more competitively priced as you are not having to purchase multiple hourly sessions each week. For the same price as a handful of one-to-one sessions, you will receive a whole month of healthy lifestyle coaching and a complete workout program.

We only offer Online Personal Training as we believe this is a better style of support, that delivers better results for our clients.

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