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What approach do you take to achieve great transformation results?

We have a 3 point approach to helping you achieve the best transformations.

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Activity


Particularly resistance training, is the best way to start building lean mass and increase your metabolism. The stimulus of weights, bands, machines etc. causes your body to build some additional muscle mass & strength. This muscle will burn more calories – even when resting!

More calories burned will help you achieve a calorie deficit, which will in turn lead to burning more body fat. Providing you with a leaner more toned body transformation. This is also sometimes called body recomposition.

Some women worry that adding muscle will make them look bulky or bigger. This is an old myth that just needs to go away. See ‘Will weight training make me bulky’ for more info.

To support you with your training we provide a weekly workout program that fits in with your goals, schedule & experience level. The program will be made up of individual workouts which, if on the tailored online personal training package, will have been created specifically for you using the details discussed in your consultation / welcome call. All exercises have written instructions and demo videos to make them easy to follow. They are all tracked in our mobile app. We also provide check-ins and form reviews to make sure that you are getting the most from each and every workout.


The other half of creating a calorie deficit. As a deficit is the calories going in vs the calories going out. So we need to take a look at what you’re eating to see if we can make some simple changes. We provide a monthly nutrition review using a photo log that you send to us. We’ll provide feedback and some nutrition goal suggestions for you to follow. We take into account your preferences and must haves to guide you into making changes you can live with and even enjoy. 

Most people don’t realize where they’re calories are coming from, and it often turns out a lot of calories are being consumed from foods our clients aren’t even that into. Eliminating these allows us to continue enjoying the odd treat (in moderation of course).

We also provide you with a 4-part PDF download with 400 recipes included. This is to hopefully give you some inspiration to try some new healthy meals which may be lower in calories.


The last area is activity, or daily activity. This is also sometimes referred to as NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis). It’s essentially all the calories you burn during the day which aren’t in the form of structured exercise. We help you identify areas in your every day life where you can increase this. We’ll agree some goals which you can strive to complete each day. Even just a few extra calories burned all add up over weeks, months, years. These could be in the form of a lunchtime walk, evening cycle ride or even things like taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

We believe this is a winning combination to achieve the best possible fitness & body transformation.

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