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What is your holistic fitness approach?

We believe that the results you get are a sum of the changes and actions in all areas of your life. All these little elements add up to form the way you look, feel and your general health. This is why when you work with us we take a holistic approach to your fitness, looking at all areas of your life to suggest goals and changes that will positively impact your overall fitness results.


Of course our primary focus is to create you a workout plan that is well balanced and fits into your goals and lifestyle. We will create this plan according to your available level of commitment, exercise preferences and timescale. 

We want to create a plan that is going to deliver the best results but will also be achievable and realistic for you. If your busy schedule only allows you to workout 3 times a week, we won’t try and convince you to work out 5 times. All of our plans however do strongly suggest a minimum of 3 workouts per week.

holistic fitness approach

Activity levels

If fat loss is part of your goal, we will take a good look at all other areas of your life and suggest ways in which you can increase your daily activity or NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis).  These changes are going to help you burn calories regularly throughout the day. These may be some extra steps at lunchtime, an evening walk, biking to work in the morning etc. Although all these small amounts of calories don’t seem so significant on their own, over the course of a day, week or month they will add up to lbs of fat burned.


We need to make sure that you are eating in accordance with your fitness goals. This may be reducing your overall calories for fat loss or increasing calories from healthy food sources if you are looking to build muscle. Either way, we will look to make changes and set goals that fit best with your lifestyle and food preferences. We do not believe in a one size fits all approach here and discuss options with you to ensure we set off on a path with the most likelihood of success.

We will incorporate your ‘must haves’ into your plan and take into account social events etc. After all, this is about lifestyle change and you still need to enjoy your life. Most of the time we can find changes that will have a big impact on your results without having too big of an impact on your enjoyment of food. Simple things like switching from cooking oils to a cooking spray can save 100s / 1000s of calories over time.

Other areas

We will also look at other areas that may be impacting your fitness results. Lack of sleep can contribute to body fat gain. Stress can negatively impact your motivation and overall health. Dehydration will impair your body’s ability to function efficiently. Making sure that these areas are all covered will once again positively impact the results you see.

The holistic approach to fitness delivers results

We take this holistic approach to our fitness coaching because it has been proven to work. Our clients have had great success and achieved fantastic results using it. It’s like most things in life, lots of small consistent changes will add up to a big change overall.

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