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Why are your personal training packages monthly rather than a fixed amount of time?

Let’s face it. 6 week challenges and 12 week transformations are all just exciting marketing ploys to get people signed up. They’re great for getting more people into fitness and helping people get excited about their short-term goal. However, they are not great for making real lifestyle and habit changes. Nor are they that great for maintaining or continuing to make progress. This is why our online personal training packages are all available on a recurring monthly basis.

Different goals

Every one of our clients have slightly different fitness goals. Although the category may be the same, eg. fat loss, the amount they want to lose may be different. They could be losing body fat for a particular event in the future. They may also want to build shape in certain areas at the same time. They may want to develop more upper body strength.

These variations in specific goals will change the amount of time required to achieve them. One client may want to lose 5kgs in 2 months, another may want to lose 10kgs in 6 months. Success is less likely using a standard 12-week challenge than it is using our personalised service.

New goals

Fitness isn’t really something that you set out to complete in a set amount of time. Goals change as new levels of fitness are achieved. You may start by wanting to lose 5kgs of body fat but once you achieve this initial goal you may want to work towards a new one. This could be being able to perform 10 pull ups or growing your glutes. We like to review and set new goals with our clients to ensure they remain motivated and continue to progress.

Change for life

We encourage our client to make lifelong changes to their fitness and nutrition. We help them develop new & better habits which will benefit their health long term. We believe it is beneficial to continue to work with our clients to help them continue along their fitness journey. We provide accountability and reviews on a regular basis to help keep them on track.

Affordable membership

We view the service we offer as an ongoing fitness membership. A bit like the gym its-self or private medical. This is why we have tried to offer the most amount of support we can for the most affordable price. We include plenty of online tools within our fitness app such as demo videos and written instructions. We have recipes and guides to help you stay on track. You’ll have a well balanced workout programme which will get refreshed every 6 weeks. Depending on the membership level you choose, you will also receive ongoing personal support in the form of calls, check-ins & reviews from one of our qualified personal trainers. 

We have put all this together with the intension of offering our clients ongoing long-term support with their fitness. We like to offer a personal service and really get to know our clients, their goals and their needs. We build relationships. We want to be open, honest and approachable so that you can ask us anything you want and receive realistic and accurate feedback.

An investment not an expense

We very much believe in the saying ‘Your fitness is an investment, not an expense’. We charge what we feel is required to keep us operating as a business. However, our passion is helping people lead healthier and happier lives. We want everyone to wake up in the morning feeling great. Improved fitness levels, increased strength and lower body fat are all major factors. Better mental health, hormone balance and increased confidence complete the picture.

No commitment

Although we’re confident that you will be happy and want to continue your journey with us forever, if you are unhappy for any reason, you can cancel up to 2 days prior to your next renewal. Making the financial commitment of our monthly packages lower than most 10 or 12 week challenges.

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