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25 Ways To Increase Your Steps

Following my last post ‘Why you should do more walking’, here are 25 ways in which you can do more steps every day:

  • Take the stairs instead of the lift. 
  • Join a walking club 
  • Go for a walk with family or friends 
  • Park further away from the door in carparks 
  • Get a treadmill at home 
  • Go for a walk around shopping centres in poor weather 
  • Walk to work if possible 
  • Walk to the local shop if you’re only picking up a few bits 
  • Walk to the post box if you need to send a letter 
  • Plan a walk around a lake, forest or park 
  • Stop on the way home from work for a walk 
  • Take a short break from work and walk to the other end of the office and back 
  • Go for a walk on your lunch break 
  • Get off the bus one stop early or one stop late and walk the rest 
  • Park your car down the road from your house 
  • Walk upstairs and back during TV adverts 
  • Pace up and down between sets at the gym 
  • See if your office has a treadmill desk you could use 
  • Walk around when chatting to someone on the phone 
  • Borrow your friend’s dog and take him/her for a walk 
  • Take your kids to the park 
  • Plan a day out visiting a city 
  • Walk your kids to school 
  • Go to a market or car boot 
  • Make some of your meetings walking meetings 

Why not make your daily steps a challenge by using a pedometer.

Let’s all get more active and increase our daily steps!

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