It’s my belief that people are happier and more productive when they incorporate fitness and good nutrition into their everyday lives.  

In today’s world, we need to consciously plan exercise and activity into our busy schedules. This allows our bodies to move and burn energy in the way they are meant to, helping them to function properly.  

Although it is easier than ever to collect a huge variety of different fresh foods from the supermarket, there is also the strong pull towards fast and convenient foods. These are often laden with excess fats and sugars.  

A healthy body needs a certain level of activity and a balanced varied diet to regulate and perform at its best.  

The body physically adapts to the activities that it is asked to do.  

So many jobs and activities we take part in today require very little physical movement leading to loss of strength, muscle mass and bone density. Over time, this is a recipe for gaining weight and struggling to complete normal daily tasks. Not to mention the possibility of disease and illness.

Jumping from one diet to the next or yoyo dieting compounds this problem. Each cycle decreases metabolism and increases long term weight gain. 

The confidence that comes with achieving a level of strength and being comfortable in your own body is something that everyone should experience every day.  

How can Active Goals help? 

There is something for everyone here. If you just want some advice and motivation, check out our active pinboard to read our latest articles. 

If you want some downloadable workouts and other tools, we also have that. 

If you need a bit more help and need your own coach, just click online personal training. 

My achievements:  

  • Advanced Diploma in Coaching and Mentoring 
  • Premier Diploma in Personal Training 
  • Level 3 Fitness Trainer Award including Nutrition for Health & Fitness 
  • Level 2 Foundation Certificate in Fitness Instruction  
  • Level 3 Certificate in Sports Massage 

I have been interested in health and fitness and the science behind it all my adult life – and even a bit before.  

My goal now is to pass this knowledge onto everyone looking to improve themselves. I hope to inspire and coach as many people as possible into better health and a greater level of fitness. 

In conclusion 

It’s about finding a balance and lifestyle that allows you to still enjoy your life.  

You can improve your health and fitness level while still partaking in some of the treats you enjoy.  

Making small changes gradually to create a sustainable ongoing routine that will last. 

It’s never too late to reap the rewards of positive changes.  

Deep down, most people know the benefits of improving their health and fitness. They just need the motivation and the drive.  

This is why Active Goals exists – to provide the knowledge, the encouragement and coaching to help you to improve yourself.