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Do I need to be a member of a gym for online coaching?

No, there is no need to have a gym membership to get started with our Online Personal Training.

Being a member of a gym is going to give you access to a wide range of equipment, classes and other people. Most gyms will have a range of equipment including weights, benches, racks, machines etc. This choice will allow us to make your workouts more varied and interesting. From our experience, some exercises work better on specific pieces of equipment. So having access to these will definitely help improve your training. It will also help make your workouts more exciting as you’ll have a chance to experience new pieces of equipment.

A lot of gyms also run a full timetable of cardio classes which will be a great addition to your resistance workouts. These are a great opportunity to meet other people and motivate each other throughout the session. As well as a really good setting to improve your cardio health and burn some extra calories.

Gyms are a place dedicated to working out. Sometimes, going to the gym for that specific purpose is motivating in itself. Having other people working out around you, the music and the right surroundings focuses your mind to workout harder. Not to mention it’s harder to get distracted.

6-week program vs Online personal training

Our Standard Package workouts are pre-made and designed for the gym. You are unlikely to have access to all the equipment required elsewhere. So for these programs you must have a gym membership.

However, our Premium & VIP Packages are tailored to your specific requirements. If you don’t feel you are ready for the gym yet, home workouts are a great way to get started.

A Tailored Program

Although we do feel that the gym is a great place to get the most out of your workouts, we also recognize that they can be daunting places for people just starting out. Our Premium & VIP Online Personal Training packages are completely tailored to you and your needs. During your welcome call we’ll talk through where you feel most comfortable training and with what equipment. We’ll use this conversation to assess where would be the best place for you to train and go from there. We are able to put together a home workout using just bodyweight exercises or a bit of basic home gym equipment.

We can also create you a progression plan where we start you with a home workout and slowly transition into the gym – if this is your ultimate goal.


We firmly believe that the best workout program for you is the one you feel most comfortable with and are most likely to stick to. Read about our approach to helping you get great transformation results. Getting great results is more about consistency and progression than any one specific workout program. We’ll therefore create you a completely tailored program in line with your requirements. Simply communicate these requirements, concerns and comfort factors to your coach during your initial welcome / discovery call.

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